access BRAMAT 2022

14 March 2022

Bio-based polymeric composites incorporating granular activated algae biomass


Bio-based polymeric composites are obtained by incorporating different biogenic materials from renewable resources such as microalgae, bacteria, and plants into the structure of the base polymer matrix. Due to obvious environmental benefits and economic impact, this new category of advanced materials is gaining an increasing market share.


Granular activated algae biomass used in GRAALrecovery technology is a mixture of microalgae and bacteria acting in an induced symbiotic relationship for wastewater treatment through nutrient uptake and resource recovery.


The study reports on major constituents composition in pure microalgae biomass vs granular activated algae biomass and their impact as biogenic filling material in bio-based polymeric composites. Tested recipes incorporated 10-40% of biogenic material, and the resulting materials were characterized by their mechanical and physico-chemical properties.


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Granular activated algae technology for wastewater treatment and resources recovery

Code: RO-NO-2019-0691

Acronym: GRAALrecovery



This project is funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, under Grant Agreement no. 27/2020

Programme: Research RO-02 operated by UEFISCDI

Funding: 1.160.543,00 euro

Timeframe: 2020-2024