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 - rethinking wastewater treatment 

targeting WWTP utility strategy concerning waste management as the residual microalgae-bacteria biomass can be used for resources recovery

targeting the global strategy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by capturing the carbon dioxide resulted from aerobic biodegradation of organic matter

complying to the strategy of reducing operating costs (eliminating aeration cost)








Graalrecovery technology                

Graalrecovery project

The envisaged treatment process is distinguished by positive environmental and economic effects compared to conventional wastewater treatment systems sustaining the concept of sustainable wastewater treatment by: 

GRAALrecovery project consists of 4 partners institutions

is focusing on alternative wastewater treatment technological flow based on the use of patented granular activated algae system for increased efficiency of the treatment process, reduction of operating cost, and advanced resources recovery.


ease biomass harvesting by fast settling

complex microalgae-bacteria synergetic

 interrelations with a high-efficiency 

wastewater treatment

self-sustaining aerobic treatment




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Granular activated algae technology for wastewater treatment and resources recovery

Code: RO-NO-2019-0691

Acronym: GRAALrecovery



This project is funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, under Grant Agreement no. 27/2020

Programme: Research RO-02 operated by UEFISCDI

Funding: 1.160.543,00 euro

Timeframe: 2020-2024

The project's objectives follow the demonstration in relevant environmental conditions of the proposed emerging biotechnology, underlining the technology performance and its economic and environmental impact.